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April 4th, 2008
Rob performs "Feel Like Makin' Lunch" at The Rainbow, May 2006. Pic by MS/AT2
First of all, 1000 apologies...

...for the ridiculously LONG time inbetween
updates to this page. Truth be told, we've been far
too busy trying to figure out how to stay alive in
this overpriced, trendy craphole known as
Seattle to have much time to come up with anything
newsworthy on the Squirrels front to report! And any news
we did have to get to the people was probably posted
on our MySpace page anyway, since we know that you're
all a bunch of geeks & like that kind of thing, & odds are you
were just trolling around on there about ten minutes ago.
Still, that's no excuse for ignoring the News Page for
six months. Yeesh! So again- sorry.
That's about it, I guess (lol).



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